Welcome to D-Photon 2023

D-Photon 2023 is the third edition of an International Conference covering a wide range of research topics mainly concerning the design and fabrication techniques of optical and photonics devices and systems made of dielectric materials. In addition, a particular attention is provided towards the recent research areas blending optics and microwave.

The spectral range beyond visible is worth for its promising application in many fields. Over the past decade, the technology in the field of dielectric photonics, integrated optics and optical fiber based systems has strongly advanced. A variety of optical devices are nowadays exploitable in practical contests as Internet of Things (IoT), Future Telecommunication, 4.0 Industry, Precise Agriculture, Biomedicine and so on. In this scenario the merging of optics, dielectric material technologies and microwave, passing through areas as microwave photonics, radio over fiber, fiber wireless (FiWi) have extended and unified the field of interest for researchers, engineers and scientists from photonics till microwave and antennas.

A number of activated materials have been ad-hoc synthesized for the construction of novel optical sources, in both conventional and exotic wavelength ranges, by embedding rare earth ions in different host materials (glass oxides, fluorides, chalcogenides, glass ceramics, crystalline, organics etc) or by inclusion of rare earth ions in molecular complexes. In addition, novel optical materials as graphene promise novel applications through innovative optical circuitries. The availability of low cost commercial tunable optical sources as quantum cascade lasers and the fabrication of resonant microcavities and microstructured fibers are paving the way for novel chemical and biological sensing set-ups. Further improvement of sensor performances can be obtained by covering dielectric structure with thin metal layer exploiting plasmon  propagation or resonance.

Applications are nowadays feasible in the field of high brilliance light sources, amplifiers, fluorescent probes, luminescent labels, frequency converters, switches, detectors etc, covering areas ranging from telecommunication to optical remote sensing and earth atmosphere monitoring, from medical diagnosis and therapy, e.g laser surgery, to material processing etc. 

D-Photon 2023, aims at providing a forum for scientists and young researchers in the field of optics, photonics, microwave where to debate about the state of the art and the research perspectives.

We would like to welcome all the interested experts from different countries in the world to D-Photon 2023, which will be held on July 11-13, 2023 in the ancient and beautiful city of Bari, at Villa Romanazzi Carducci, located in Via Capruzzi, 326, Bari (BA) https://www.villaromanazzi.com/it/

Antonella D’Orazio,   Maurizio Ferrari,   Francesco Prudenzano
D-Photon 2023 co-chairs

Giancarlo C. Righini
D-Photon 2023 honorary chair